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General Thread v2: Enhanced Segregation Techniques!


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Grimmi is becoming a hot sauce merchant

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Hold onto your butts because here comes a :sanasmile:BROWN WOMAN UPDATE:sanasmile:

Serina is starting a street karaoke using her 3D model, come hear her gorgeous singing voice!

Nyaru is pissing on old people (probably):

Tomoe Umari is reading supas and discussing plans for the future:

And Serina will be streaming AGAIN today, specifically she's made it to chapter 3 of Poppy Playtime:

Onto Twitch, bugfuckers will like to know that FenariMori is live being her usual black beautiful self :eyehearts:

And YFUBABY will be playing Lia simulator in two hours:

This has been another :sanasmile:BROWN WOMAN UPDATE:sanasmile:

just tuned in to Serina Maiko and was greeted by this

Mr Adolf got moderated but this happened too and what the fuck is this even

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Mr Adolf got moderated but this happened too and what the fuck is this even
Forgive that woman in chat for her nonsense chattering, it's not her fault she's black.


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Someone drew a vtuber with a fluffy tail, and of course Proctor is on the case.



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Truly the Mio fan of all time.

My man umasha is a millionaire now
He can afford to skip one or two tournaments for something more important



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Sugar! Spice Horniness! War crimes!

oh hi

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Today's Orange Woman Bad moment is brought to you by the letter P.


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Guys, Flipsie is super duper sorry. 😢


Flipsie is the most annoying vtweeter in the world because they don't do anything but dickeat whatever's in vouge, they were just yass queen at Victoria a week ago. Not even being able to commit to being an anti is pathetic.

Anyway, Ironmouse is singing karaoke and pink woman good. Her music is easily my favorite content of hers.

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brown brit babe babbles 'bout bertical topics

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But Sora doesnt like people calling her things like DaiSenpai so.....
Roboco its actually the Holo that you could call DaiSenpai and she wouldnt mind it :Roboco-MEMENOD:

*Agonized cry of Roboco despair in the distance gives way to Roboco dropping her Coke and losing her balance, going ass first into an open cardboard box in the process.*


Hard to believe Roboco was voted most pon over even Mikochi though.

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Orange and Pink woman bad posts? What is this 2022?? Calli puts her foot in her mouth sometimes but this time it seems exceptionally minor and not really worth anything IMO. Kiara is just sad and vague posting on her non kiara account and I really could not care any less. I want Vtubers not fleshtubers, and I only will care if either specifics are mentioned or if it's someone who doesn't regularly post vague stuff. Kiara does this every once in a while and it never amounts to anything which is great. I don't want her sad or leaving the branch. So she'll probably be alright.

Gura, who has not ever hurt anyone or done anything wrong to my knowledge, is somehow living in people's heads rent free over the crime of not streaming or using twitter to talk with her fans on an arbitrary basis. She is just an entertainer and I'm sorry if you're parasocial with her enough to demand she give you whatever you think it is you deserve (which is nothing by the way). Just like with Ayame when she was disappearing for relatively extensive stretches of time (though not as long as Gura), I will defend her and say that it's nice she doesn't have to work her streaming job to make a living anymore. She also clearly has some issue that she doesn't really want to talk about. In one of the Karaoke streams she says she should stop soon, and very vaguely mentioned it was so she could keep streaming. Even if I didn't have that little inkling telling me that something was wrong (along with the other time she mentioned she had a 'medical issue') I still think it's overly presumptuous to think she ought to be behaving a certain way just to satisfy the people. She's not ghosting anyone because there's been no promises made as to what she will or will not be doing. Kiara even mentioned that Gura is the one who suggested trying to get a whole myth collab in palworld, which to me means she had every intention of doing more, but IMO that could very easily not happen due to whatever it is keeping her from streaming.

Essentially a lot of you are MATI because some cute anime girl isn't communicating with you. Just give up on her then. Being this upset makes me think there's something else going on. I just enjoy when she streams. If she doesn't there's plenty of other entertainers in the company to watch. I will pray for her to get better and stream more, but if she doesn't then that's just life.
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