"Aah the peppeloni peppeloni, you know the peppeloni? The noo one, I always... I always order the domino, the domino peppeloni and without peppeloni. I always order the peppeloni and without peppeloni. PEPPELONI... I like peppeloni, yeah! I always order the... cheeeeeseee... cheese pan. Aaah how can I explain, I can explain by my drawing, I always order like the cheese pan that it has cheese on ear this part, the ear, Ear of Pizza, and then I order! Whoa! When I order peppeloni, the ear it always have a peppeloni on the top but I pick up these away, 'cause I don't need it. And then I eat the cheese pan pizza OK? You understand? Understandable peppeloni, yes"Haachama
  • TERRIFYING skeleton creature who cosplays as a nurse Riro Ron has been terminated from Idol Corp. Reasons alleged include drug use, corruption, sleeping with a manager, and generally being a complete and total menhera.
  • Henry Kissinger is dead at age 100.
  • I would really appreciate it if someone could add details regarding the tools used to archive tweets and other text/web sources to the Archiving And You thread.



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