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Hololive Twitch Watchalong Archives


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With Twitch deleting stream archives after a couple of months, I started downloading them whenever a Hololive member did one. I was lucky enough to start doing this shortly after the first member moved there for their watchalongs, Miko. And the only one I'm missing from her is The Internship (if by some miracle someone happens to be sitting on this, let me know). It's a mix of 1080p and 720p because after awhile I felt it a bit redundant downloading hugely sized barely compressed Twitch archives when you're most likely watching the movie anyway.

It also has Lamy and Nene's Twitch Watchalongs, and a handful of long-removed YouTube watchalongs as well, like Miko's Cabin in the Woods.

I uploaded them to YouTube, mainly because of the, albeit incredibly crappy, auto-translated CCs.

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