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How to use the Laundry Room

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This subforum has been created exclusively to discuss new vtubing corporations (older ones can be grandfathered in if they experience extreme controversies or collapse) that seem to be popping up like ants on Pippa's desk. Users are allowed to create threads here without needing moderator approval.

If you see a new corpo pop up on Twitter or other forms of social media that you have any reason to suspect may be shady, you can create a thread about them here. Even if you don't suspect them to be shady, you can still create a thread simply so that one exists if they do become embroiled in controversy in the future.

Further guidelines may be implemented as the situation progresses. For now this is in a trial period, but with 4+ corporations all popping up in the last month or so, it seems like a reasonable idea to have a place to discuss them.
Not open for further replies.
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