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General Thread v2: Enhanced Segregation Techniques!


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Crisis averted, the other site is working slightly better on Tor now, so I've managed to get the laughs about a potentially dead guy out of my system.

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That's really good to hear. This poor woman has been cursed, holy shit. I hope this is the start of something better for her.
Her family situation's shit AF so it's good she finally left. Hopefully she leaves them for good.

Miyabi literally killing 78 innocent Palestinians with this post after Astel "I like my taters the same why I like my Muslims:Fried" Leda bombed the Rafah Crossing :smugpipi:
Bettel schedule. It's a happy week

See Magni ya big commiefornian fag, it's not hard to fuck up a good thing. You had it all and you squandered it.

Advent is having 3d debut in the summer

I'm betting we'll have ID4 announcement in July followed by Re-Gloss 3D then EN4 and a new HoloJP gen. Also, StarsJP is due for a new gen since Uproar debuted on March 2022.

Nijisanji is in shambles, Hololive is ACCELERATING!!!


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3D debut speed for Hololive EN
It does feel like Hololive since 2023 has learned how to strike when the iron is hot.

I personally think these days that Hololive debuts a gen already planning out when their main big events will happen. Every since HoloX more or less.


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I just realized 3D Bijou might have Kaela and Lui in it. Definitely preparing some popcorn and soda for that.

I assume Shiori will be the sololive of the bunch. Maybe Haachama? She's the only similar talent.


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It does feel like Hololive since 2023 has learned how to strike when the iron is hot.

I personally think these days that Hololive debuts a gen already planning out when their main big events will happen. Every since HoloX more or less.
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:monkeypaw: Top earner graduates dramatically, joins vshojo, dramanigs, tourists, sisters, shitstirrers, the chinese, aviel, fishman, stalin, satan and evanito all descend upon Holo to feast on its corpse. :Pekora-EVILGRIN:
It would be funnier if Nene joined Vshojo


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:monkeypaw: Top earner graduates dramatically, joins vshojo, dramanigs, tourists, sisters, shitstirrers, the chinese, aviel, fishman, stalin, satan and evanito all descend upon Holo to feast on its corpse. :Pekora-EVILGRIN:
over two years late for that


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I assume Shiori will be the sololive of the bunch. Maybe Haachama? She's the only similar talent.
Possibly introduce Chris-chan Sonichu with the 3D medallion to the whole world :dokiSmug:



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The Virtual Asylum Thread Recap
Pages 3800-3850

Other Recap parts can be found [HERE]

Ᵽ PHC: Phase Connect
▷ HLO: Hololive
☆ HST: Holostars
◷ NIJ: Nijisanji
₪ IDL: Idol Corp
Ⓥ VSJ: VShojo
ⓘ INF: Highly informative

post | Chinese Discord people found out TVA because of Nolan
post | Most of them are apparently Taiwanese

post | ☆ HST | Bettel with a Dark Souls speedrun

post | Maybe Sayu can join Hexa's friend group, Hikkimoshi ⭐ girls?

post | ◷ NIJ | Mysta's PL is taking care of Mysta's fan
post | NijisanjiEN's latest wave is about to debut

post | NijiEN collab with NBA is announced, a lot of discussion on NBA in China follows
post | Rosemi, a huge LeBron James fan and a veteran NijiEN liver, is not included into the collab
post | NBA is a CCP tool, wiki page with controversies

post | Kotoka is grinding Valorant, according to Aia

post | Ᵽ PHC | Lumi's UV allergy discussion continues
post | Kiri Kilovolt interviews Clara Kaminari
post | MariMari_EN with a cover of Pippa the Ripper

post | Muyu's test of hotel wi-fi bring rough results. At least she feels less stressed now that she is away from shitty family members
post | Question - How does Muyu is able to keep up with the character kayfabe?

post | ▷ HLO | Yagoo gave an interview to AnimeCorner
post | Gura plays Subnautica. Apparently she played DLC for this game 2 years ago?
post | Ollie gets a 3.0 model

post | Kaela plays Harvest Moon 64, discussion on her age
post | LaPlus 3D birthday
post | ⓘ INF | Day 1 of Holo Gamers event

post | Someone is selling unauthorized art on YahooJP, request for reports
post | Namii is trying to save his house, releases a Holo fanbook

Kronii and AI "artist" situation
post | Kronii is being polite to AI "artist" (@uracate), who flips shit and acts offended
post | That AI dude is a known malicious actor, impersonating a proper artist and sending death threats via email
post | People guide him to Iofi, who usually is much less polite with AI bros

post | Uracate brings up Coco in some shitty false equivalence
post | One of Roboco's admins/translators Boxi was also a victim of an impersonation, can cause quite the stirr for newfriends
post | Discussion on AI art continues for a while


post | Question - Will you still be watching vtubers in 26 years?

post | ₪ IDL | Taiga is celebrating Memberships opening
post | About Taiga being a standout
post | About her genmates

post | Dokibird was invited to join Rust: Kingdoms server. Also Doki's AnimeNorth success in comparison to a certified Niji L

post | About Numi's appeal as a streamer
post | Her dad witnessed a giant barrel of lube getting delivered to her garage

post | 774inc's Shisui Kiki is getting a new look before graduation

post | Clip - RPR and dtto. argue in JP while Doki dies of laughter
post | Later - rpr, Doki and dtto are in the Apex Kleos Invitational

post | ◷ NIJ | Report on how clips from Enna's recent Diego/PrettyPatterns collab were deliberately out of context

Bonnivier Graduates, Return to Indie
post | ◷ NIJ | Graduation - Bonnivier Pranaja from ex NijiID
post | 10Jin/TenJin (ex Niji Bobon) streams Apex with a couple of buddies
post | Dokibird appeared in chat

post | Screenshots
post | Later - Doki is going to collab with Tenjin, Apex Legends


post | Debut - Illustrator and singer Jii debuts her VTuber model

post | Debut - RK Music debuts 3 new talents, KMNZ debuts 2 new members. Also more info on Voice-Ore's closure

Caramel Idol Nyaru is Redebuting
post | Nyaruchuu is worried about her redebut
post | Nyaru's 2.0 Redebut stream. Discussion on possible Gura's chumbuds overlap
post | Some vtubers are doing watchalongs

post | Nyaru is very happy with the redebut
post | She is very grateful to everyone
post | Later - Nyaru shows from where her viewers came to her redebut


post | New Randon merch, a bag that "fits 10 fullsized cans of spam"

post | ₪ IDL | Rin's PC is dead, she is streaming on DS

post | Debut - PixelLink's 2nd Gen, PixelChronicle
post | And the last one to debut, Daiya
post | Hexa with a watchalong

post | Recommendation - Daiya Fortuna. Apparently Selen's mama worked on her
post | Later - More Daiya lore
post | ◷ NIJ | Rrat - If Elira gets a new costume by different artist we could assume that Selen's art mama refused to work for Niji
post | Elira and art mama interact a lot on Twitter though

post | A rare Mister Metokur stream, talking about Rekieta situation
post | Clip - Jim is a fan of Kirsche, gives advice to all vtubers out there

Dokibird's Wrestletuber 2024 Event
post | Dokibird's Wrestletuber 2024 Day 1 with a lot of vtubers, both corpo and indie
post | Mint Fantome is in, today is the day rrats die!
post | Clip - Mint’s entrance

post | Discussion on what is a Nijisister
post | Seething starts
post | ...and deleted

post | /vt/ catalogue Doki/Mint spam
post | Bint Bantome blocks people preemptively
post | Bint tries to find something negative to say
post | Bint is not a Doki anti, hates Sayu

post | Actual bait account - Ry (@Lairucremzz)
post | Neat artworks
post | Banned Vtuber Memes with a fucked up Keeki wrestling edit
post | Later - Day 1 results

post | Day 2 starts
post | Doki got Mace (ex-WWE talent) doing commentary
post | Matara showed up
post | U-san suddenly shows up

post | A message from the winner
post | Doki is happy
post | She got to spend sponsor's money on the event, GamerSupps

post | Clips and feelings
post | ◷ NIJ | Later - So much for insider info on Niji vs Selen
post | Later - Bettel talks about Wrestletuber event and how it all went with Bettel 2

post | Nijisisters seething compilation, /vt/ screenshots
post | Doki's afterparty stream
post | Some notes


post | PSA - Do not sub on mobile on Twitch, as it offloads the cost of the Google Playstore/Apple Appstore to the user

post | Ᵽ PHC | Question - Which one of wemi's ASMRs got the youtube strike for sexual content?
post | DanganJelly - high effort shitpost clip by RandomVtuber Edits
post | Muyu is Purin posting on main, the nerve!
post | Rie decimates xynchro on Twitter

post | Kenji showed a Rust character dick

post | Sawa and friends collab, playing the 100% Orange Juice

post | Miori and Tonya offcollab karaoke

NEXAS: The Kick Sweatshop for Vtubers! thread
post | ⓘ INF | Updates on the battle royale corpo Nexas, Noah's legal name was found
post | More info, Noah's friend Nuggett was also found

post | Amiya Aranha is announced for OffKai, panel recording will be uploaded later
post | Her new schedule, cowboy week is on us

post | Drunken Atheist Studio noticed MariMari

post | Recommendation - MarinasuChannel, brown JP vtubers. Normally they are not gyaru, apparently

post | Ⓥ VSJ | Question - Who is the most hated person in Vshojo (except Zen)?
post | On why is Snuffy hated - Finana comparison

post | Kou Mariya from V4Mirai uses a vertical stream format to show her body in a beach episode

post | Onolumi, Super Meche, and Jorunna in a Guild Wars collab

post | ▷ HLO | Kiara enjoyed the Fallout show, jumps into New Vegas
post | Later - Kiara tangents
post | Mori Calliope wants that RDR2 server
post | Some tidbits from Azki previous announcement

post | Mozumi got noticed by Mint, Metal Gear
post | Grimmi got noticed by Mint, ghost hunting
post | Mint and Grimmi share a clipper, SkyRainpuff

post | Massive Nyana Banyana's 3D concert, Pippa, Hexa, Rima and more
post | Screenshot. Question - How can an indie born from a meme had a better 3d concert than most other small Vtuber companies?

post | Spica is back from Japan

post | Futakuchi Mana got a hater parody account

post | Nazuna is everyone's wife, wants to see everyone overseas on Twitch

post | Ⓥ VSJ | Michi was fascinated by Melody CB stream endurance

post | Are V&U buying subs? Maeve of V&U hit 100K but only has around 80 viewers
post | Look at this photograph!
post | She has massive shorts
post | Playboard numbers

post | ☆ HST | 3D showcase for StarsEN Vanguard
post | ▷ HLO | Speculation on Advent and Regloss's 3D

post | Hexa with a first Anniversary
post | Her tweet with a compilation video

post | Sayu's potential porn discussion continues

post | ◷ NIJ | Vivi retweeted a batch of fan charms, including her own, Doki, Sayu, Mint and others
post | Scarle with a new outfit reveal

post | Mahjong collab - Rezuul, MariMari, Chromu, Clauvio

post | Sawa's new schedule, including Palworld the musical and Higurashi

post | Luto's recent stream got removed for nudity and sexual content, apparently for voice acting

post | VAllure released their debut teasers

post | ₪ IDL | Shabel with a hand pic
post | Agawa Ryo drew Coni

post | VSpo's Sendo Yuuhi with a big League of Legends collab, Holo, Niji and indie vtubers

post | ☆ HST | Hakka throws a gantlet at Holo staff

post | ▷ HLO | Apparently, Hololive is losing the perms for Wuthering Waves. Chinese haters rrat
post | ⓘ INF | Shareholder meeting transcript for Cover's financial results of FY2024/3. Also Ririka got interviewed, and Fubuki's 2020 outfit was updated
post | They're pivoting their growth strategy from a vtuber agency to an IP-focused one
post | Later - They translated the interview with teh CG Production team

post | Mori Calliope is back, with an announcement, new album is coming
post | Her schedule - a lot of collabs
post | About FuwaMoco - possibly going to slow down to focus on Ally&Sally

post | Kronii talks about Poland
post | Notes from the Poland and 11bit Studios talking stream

post | Ᵽ PHC | Lumi celebrates invaders 1st Anniversary
post | 3 Minute Theatre video
post | Group cover. Also Ember's stream
post | Dizzy's stream
post | Jelly's stream

post | Recommendation - Chio Chompi from PixelLink, a dinosaur vtuber

Yuko Yurei of Idol Corp is Graduating
post | ₪ IDL | Graduation - Yuko Yurei. Discussion on GFE, Idol management and more
post | About her donothon rewards - almost all complete
post | On the consequences for Hexa specifically

post | About old Rye swimsuit photo
post | There were a bunch of stuff like that on her Throne
post | Reminder - Idol were working with Legal Mindset to "enhance talent contract"

post | Yuko's 5-day pre-graduation marathon starts
post | Later - Part 2
post | Reminder - Info on Aviel, his gaming channels, his gf GGLadenia / Kattarina Qutie

post | T Burzzyo Parabola Colour (@TRodriguezMastr) with some behind the scenes info
post | Request - A quick rundown on Idol situation
post | Clip - Yuko about going back to Starbucks

post | Back to Rye
post | Aviel was granted money for some kind of VR or Metaverse project before


post | Fatum Ruptor's 3rd Anniversary stream

post | Arisu Oshiro is not Maria Paradisia

post | Sera Kesera's and Ivaela Daemoni's chatting collab

post | Mint being cheeky with The Stanley Parable title
post | The reason for lack of Mint/Doki interaction was apparently their social awkwardness
post | Checks out
post | Local content - Clip - Mint talking about Doki

post | Local content - Murray with more Fallout: New Vegas

post | Khubie is playing OJ with Denpafish, Silvi, and vividlyViVI

post | Sinder with a new model

post | IRIAM US is opening auditions

post | Ᵽ PHC | Lia with a secret guest stream. Edit: Rinmouto is the guest
post | Clip - Whole Lia family on stream
post | Tenma mod for Sekiro

post | ₪ IDL | About Nikki Rei and woodworking

post | ▷ HLO | Hololive channel with a mystery video
post | Extracted tags for the vid
post | Gen 1 celebration was announced, Princess Party

post | Advent's offcollab in Japan
post | Shiori got interviewed about her creative goals
post | Advent is going to get 3D Live debuts in summer

post | Kaela got 750K subs
post | Reminder - Natsumi Moe did a video on Chris Chan

post | Ⓥ VSJ | Michi OniGiri collab
post | Kson claims her weight is 57kg

post | Mikeneko thanks Poland
post | Discussion on Nazuna getting into Vshojo

post | ◷ NIJ | According to rare watchers, Twisty is very new to streaming

post | Shondo called her bank about her main account

post | Chio Chompi is Rune Bunnura

post | Hexa's OffKai week schedule, VAllure debuts watchalong
post | Ᵽ PHC | Hina is getting ready for OffKai
post | Pippa got $1500 in superchats with ominous messages

post | Offtopic - Some guy in Malaysia got married while cosplaying Ultraman Taro

post | ☆ HST | Bettel with a handcam stream, showing magic kit

post | Sara Nagare with more wrestling content

Recap post, eventually

DM me about missing info, mistakes, with general feedback!

EDIT: Thank you @kushami tasukaru for info on Marinasu, apparently they are not gyaru normally!
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In latest Kson stream, she is tasting taiwanese chips, and claimed that she is 57kg only.... :dokiSmug:

her claim is similar to this sticker

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Clip of dokibird talking bout Mint, specifically like the one I mentioned on my last post.


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Some notes from Kronii's 11bit Studios Talking About Poland + Exclusives From Frostpunk 2 & Alters! and Superchat Catchup Outfit Reveal + Cover + Karaoke.

-she's traveling again, probably to offkai.

-her manager asked her if she wanted to go to visit 11bit studios, she was only there for 1 and a half days, her manager couldn't go because of passport issues so she went with another manager, she asked management if she could say she was going to travel and they said she could only say she was going to Poland.

-she played solitaire on the plane for like 4 hours and slept the rest of the time, her plane was a Boeing one and the emergency exit was next to her, they told her what to pull in case of an emergency.

-she played games (a crash bandicoot racing game) with the manager on the dinner party instead of socializing, then they took the first bus back to the hotel, she was pretty much speedrunning Poland I guess you can say she blitzkrieg them.

-she play tested both alters and frostpunk 2,they asked her if she would like game keys but she asked for blanket perms to stream instead.

-she drank vodka and felt like she was drinking fire, she got a shit ton of Wendy's yesterday fat fuck.

-she ate, took a bath, her hair is around shoulder length, got her nails and lashes done, still "fat" though she has a 23 bmi.

-she got sunburned while she was in a park, wants to lose 2kg in a day, someone told her to eat more vegetables to fix some swealing she still won't though.

-sally told her to go out of her house to look at an aurora but she was playing helldivers, she went out and looked at it anyways but she was disappointed, she talked with her mods about the omegaverse...

-she will have a meeting with management about her getting mishandled/mistreated/fucked over by them (I think she was the one that requested the meeting.)

-she tried to learn rap god, she also tried to learn Tokyo drift.

-for my war cover, she wanted to sing something that went along with her outfit's theme, she looked around for anime war songs and choose that one since she likes the songs from the ones that made it.

-she cosplayed as Mikasa from AoT before.


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Based rat polices with extreme prejudice.

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It seems 🐍🐍somebody🐍🐍 got hooked! :dokibirdWhat:

I hope she likes the game! I'm so hyped! :sanasmile::sanasmile:

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Every time Uruka is on she is playing this, this is her Mahjong arc, her Ark... arc, her Metal Gear arc



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Every time Uruka is on she is playing this, this is her Mahjong arc, her Ark... arc, her Metal Gear arc

First I've heard of her complaining about schitzo rrats about having an IRL boyfriend. Interesting.


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