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TVA Socials & Contact Details

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This thread will function as a complete list of 'official' TVA socials, plus relevant contact details for the purposes of tech support and general inquiries.

Note: All TVA rules apply to this Discord. Automoderation is active. Discord is a centralized communication hub that can decide to ban your account permanently for any reason.

Matrix is a decentralized communication hub. TVA has a server hosted with privacy-focused group incognet.io. TVA rules still apply to this instance, but it is effectively censorship-proof, unlike Discord and even the forum. Use either element.io or cinny.in to connect. The server is chat.virtuallyinsane.me.

If something isn't working on the forum for you or you have lost access to your account, scream at me here.


The Twitter handles of myself and any TVA affiliates (oh how big I dream...) will be kept here.

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProctorZ

I have a Youtube channel where I sometimes pretend to be a decent content creator. Currently it is mostly used for occasional livestreams about the forum and related drama.
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