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Okay the first one i can think about its FuelVT: She doesnt limit herself to ES drama but also its the one she talks the most

Here one talking about people in the ES space complaining about the Loli model

But here is one talking about Luca
WARNING: She is a hardcore anticorpo person so there is some bias


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Here's another that was recommended to me just a bit ago. Salvi the Blue Squirrel. Smaller reaction channel thats kind of new. I think his vtuber drama vids became his most popular quickly, so he transitioned to focusing on vtubing news, but thats just me assuming from looking over his video history

Salvi was apparently a good associate of Lidia Nekozawa for a while but a few weeks ago she called him out for copying her video ideas and thumbnails, along with a requisite Google doc. I thought it'd just be petty stuff but it turned out to be pretty convincing. He seemed to just shrug it off and keep doing his own thing. I generally like him better between the two because Lidia's weird interjections while watching a video or reading an article are really annoying but I do look down on him now seeing as how he basically built an audience by just copying his "friend's" video ideas for like two years.

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Good list you put together, but there's one notable absence. It's surprising to me you forgot them, as they're one of the more frequently discussed dramatubers on this site.

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Armcha1r Expert did a livestream about the Gawd situation today. It was a very good stream overall; he was able to quite accurately cut through all the bullshit and talk about how exploitative and disingenuous the guy was.

The Under the Tea people covered the topic as well. It's nice to see the community expanding to include commentators that can provide accurate and entertaining coverage of events without furiously licking the taints of vested interests or catering to the twitter mob.


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Looks like he's branching outside of just tuber commentary. Overall, this was a fairly good stream.
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