"I don't condone sunning your holes, I would rather take my vitamin D orally through the pill instead of sunning my fucking asshole, the sun doesn't wanna see that. Apparently, apparently... you know the women who are into yoga? Like 'alternate' health, yeah they like sunning their holes, which is where you face your asshole to the sun to observe... absorb the vitamin D because, apparently, your skin there absorbs more vitamin D than other parts of your body. Somebody came up with it, and I don't know who. I bet it was Gwyneth Paltrow"Amanogawa Shiina
  • TERRIFYING skeleton creature who cosplays as a nurse Riro Ron has been terminated from Idol Corp. Reasons alleged include drug use, corruption, sleeping with a manager, and generally being a complete and total menhera.
  • Henry Kissinger is dead at age 100.
  • I would really appreciate it if someone could add details regarding the tools used to archive tweets and other text/web sources to the Archiving And You thread.



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