"once upon a time? pekomona collabo! first offcollabo together!! eat derishouse bugermoona buger & pekorabuger foren love!!! Let's her cook! noooooooooooooooo! beef meet ok? Let's make acokkinggggggg!!!"Usada Pekora
  • TERRIFYING skeleton creature who cosplays as a nurse Riro Ron has been terminated from Idol Corp. Reasons alleged include drug use, corruption, sleeping with a manager, and generally being a complete and total menhera.
  • Henry Kissinger is dead at age 100.
  • I would really appreciate it if someone could add details regarding the tools used to archive tweets and other text/web sources to the Archiving And You thread.
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  • Just gonna list out all the topic I think i'm proficient enough to speak on at length since people seem to think i'm some kind of turbo old sage.

    Games: League (jhinmain) TF2 (Engie main.) Warframe (Oberon Main) MOBAs as a topic

    TV Hasbro 80's-90's Cartoons Gargoyles Gi Joe Pokemon Transformers MLP

    Comics. Marvel Spiderman Xmen Ghost Rider Hulk Moon Knight Taskmaster DC Static Shock Batman

    I think that's most of it.
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