"My mom bought uh, I guess it's a dead pig; She bought a dead pig and butchered it herself... it took her like 3 days. My mom is like a survival mother, she likes doing things herself. She got meat's worth for like 2 or 3 months, I don't know, maybe even more, she's been eating it for a while and has a lot of leftovers frozen. So the schnitzel that she gave me was made, by the... meat of the pig that she butchered herself, I felt a bit weird lol"Takanashi Kiara
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    Hello! I'm happy to announce that the new forum is ready for some stress testing. Please go to test.thevirtualasylum.com aka here. The standalone server is currently using a backup of the cloud server's data from May 17th. For now, simply login to your account and browse the forum. Tomorrow I will temporarily lock down this forum and push all traffic to the new site to stress-test it. Because of that, I politely ask that people not shitpost or spam slurs on the test server. I need to accurately simulate normal posting behaviour, not inane babble, in order to get valid data on the stability of the new hardware. No data from this test will be kept long-term, and it will be wiped and replaced with an up-to-date backup before then 10th of June. Please archive accordingly. I appreciate your cooperation in this matter, because it represents a massive step forward for TVA as a whole.
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