"Whenever students say they hate a teacher, usually it means that student is an idiot! You are seriously the stupid one here. 'The best way to deal with this'? Just answer the question in one go, you really are dumb. Seriously stupid. 'They annoy me and make me crazy'? If the teacher was really that bad, other students would also complain, to the other teachers; Alas that's not the case here, you just don't like getting called out, and you imagine they're harrassing you. You're a dumbass! It's their job to call you in class, it's not as if they choose to speak to such a shithead of a student, it's their job! It's your turn and you get called, and your smartass doesn't want to answer, thus you keep getting picked, do you get it? The best way to deal with it is to grow up and do your job, that's how I see it"Gundou Mirei
  • TERRIFYING skeleton creature who cosplays as a nurse Riro Ron has been terminated from Idol Corp. Reasons alleged include drug use, corruption, sleeping with a manager, and generally being a complete and total menhera.
  • Henry Kissinger is dead at age 100.
  • I would really appreciate it if someone could add details regarding the tools used to archive tweets and other text/web sources to the Archiving And You thread.
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