"I'm not a haaaaaaaaaag. I'm sophisticated! You know, just cause I don't... jus-just cause I don't watch Tiktok, just cause I spend my time on Twitter, just cause I have PLANS! You know what I think? I think this - I think this test is made for youngsters who take it to think that they're more mature than they actually are! Youngsters? Yeah! It's for like the youngsters who want to... you know the 17, 16, 18, 20's who like, who like, 'I'm so sophisticated, I'm so mature. I'm gonna take this test to show you how mature I am' and it gives you like this age and they're like 'AH! I'm so mature, I'm actually mentally 42!' AND THEN THEY GO GET GROOMED"Jelly Hoshiumi
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